Upcoming Events & Information

2022 DATES

June 25th & 26th --- Saturday @ Steve Thake Ranch Pattern Clinic

& Sunday @ Steve Thake Trail Clinic 

July 23rd/24th--- Classifications Day/Practice / Glenn Wyse Boxing Clinic

August 27th/28th --- Matt Clifford Reining & Cow horse Manoeuvres / Practice

September 24th/25th --- Practice / Steve Thake Ranch Versatility Clinic

October 29th/30th --- Ranch Versatility Show  Judges: Glenn Wyse & Kim Thake

Description of Ranch Versatility to replace Western Performance on Club Webpage

“The Versatility Ranch Horse competition showcases the athletic ability and versatility of working horses inclasses such as:

· Ranch Versatility Riding

· Ranch Versatility Pleasure

· Ranch Versatility Reining

· Ranch Versatility Trail

· Ranch Versatility Conformation

· Boxing

· Cutting

Our club runs Training Days, Clinics and an End of Year Points Day in this rapidly growing sport. Our End of Year Points Day will be an opportunity for members to compete for awards in the following Divisions:

· Beginner Walk Jog

· Improver Walk Jog

· Beginner

· Improver

· Open Snaffle Bit

· Open Bridled

· Junior Lead line Minimum age of 2yo

· Beginner Youth 7 to 11yrs

· Beginner Youth 12 to 18yrs

· Improver Youth 7 to 11yrs

· Improver Youth 12 to 18yrs

· Advanced Youth 7 to 18yrs