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Jackpot Show Program is below with all the rules for who can show in what class. please read this carefully as you might not be in the same class that you would normally show in at a points day! 

Cost:    Adult $80.00    Youth $40.00

Non members Event membership $15 per person 


Camping Fee $15 

Max 3 horses per event per rider.

You can show in more than one event if eligible, but if cattle availability is low you might have to scratch one of your runs.

Saturday cattle in 2.30pm for 3pm start


1 - Beginner Horse-  ( 2 handed or 1 handed event open to horses that have never been shown in a one handed cutting event or won money in a snaffle bit event.) $200 ADDED MONEY


2- Snaffle Bit -  (2 handed event  open to horses that have less than $2000 in lifetime earnings) 

                            $200 ADDED MONEY


3-Rookie Rider $1000 – (1 handed event open to riders with less than $1000 in earnings) $200 ADDED MONEY


4-Novice $3000 Horse – ( 1 handed event open to horses with less than $3000 earnings) $250 ADDED MONEY


SUNDAY cattle in 7.30AM for 8AM start


5 – Beginner Rider ( 2 handed or 1 handed event for riders who have NEVER shown in a 1 handed affiliated event)

                                 $200 ADDED MONEY

6 – Youth Rider – ( 2 handed event for riders of a maximum age of 18 years) $50 ADDED MONEY


7 – Open Cutting – ( 1 handed Open event ) $250 ADDED MONEY

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Looking forward to seeing you all at our Annual Jackpot Show!