- Membership / Day Membership MUST be paid & Forms Signed before you get on your horse! 

- Everyone who wants to ride or even sit on a horse MUST be a member or have paid day membership!!

What can I enter in?


The event entry rules of the Club are at present:


  • Beginner Cutter/Riders (*Please note competitive snaffle bit riders are NOT eligible to compete in the Beginner Cutter/Rider event), Improver Riders (Western Performance) and Youth can nominate ONLY in the RESPECTIVE RIDER EVENT they choose.  The rider cannot compete in any other event. However, the rider can nominate on three different horses but MUST nominate ONE horse before the start of the event to receive competition points.



  • “Rookie $1,000”.  Riders can also compete in Snaffle Bit or Beginner Horse providing the horse they ride is eligible for the respective event.



Open, Novice, Improver (Western Performance), Beginner Horse and Snaffle Bit. 

  • A horse entered in any one of these events can compete only in that event.  If you nominate in any of the horse events mentioned above you can nominate THREE separate horses, once only, in their eligible event.


PRACTICE DAYS are a good opportunity to work your horse where you have five minutes and the opportunity to ride more than once, but no more than three.


Some of you might feel these rules are restrictive but the committee must be mindful of being able to source sufficient numbers of cattle from our suppliers which at times can prove to be difficult.  The club programme provides at least SIXTEEN separate days a year incorporating Cutting Competition and Practice events.


All nominations are to be placed via this website only!

No nominations will be accepted by text or email

YOU are responsible for entering all your details correctly and nominating yourself. 

Check that you have received an email confirmation and that your nominations entries are correct.

Changes to nominations and scratchings accepted ONLY via email to: