Futurity Pre-Works

We are running Pre-Works for Aged Event Futurity Horses again this year so if you have a horse going down to the 2017 Futurity book into our pre-works now! 

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th April 2017





Does Your Horse Need A Detox?

Certain fungi found on fresh pasture grasses, conserved roughage (hay, chaff, straw) and in grains can produce secondary compounds called mycotoxins. Several types of mycotoxins exist, however they are hard to detect due to their odourless, tasteless and invisible presence.

The horse’s digestive system is sensitive to the effects of mycotoxins, as the gastric juices in the stomach cannot effectively deactivate the mycotoxins. Once mycotoxins reach the hindgut they may affect the intestinal wall or enter the horse’s blood stream, which can result in respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological and reproductive issues.

Learn about possible symptoms of toxin sensitivity and how you can help your horse detox!

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Your Hygain Autumn Feed News is available now!

Adding vegetable oils to your horse's diet has many benefits such as providing cool release energy, reduction of the amount of grain necessary and a shiny glossy coat. However, not all vegetable oils are the same, rice bran oil for instance is the only oil with a natural additive called gamma oryzanol that increases muscle mass. Check out this truly interesting read on rice bran oil and the many benefits associated with adding oil to your horse's diet.

Does your horse graze on oxalated pastures? Then you don't want to miss our article on 'big head', which explains what 'big head' is, how it is caused, which symptoms to look for and how to prevent and treat this disease.

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a little from your WP Arena Director 

Welcome back to all our members old and new for 2017.

We have so far had 2 very successful practice days and have enjoyed meeting our many new members. Everyone who is attending the WP clinic with Hazel Bow - Page on March the 11th is looking forward to practicing their new skills and many people are keen and ready and some slightly nervous for the first points day March the 12th. We look forward to a very successful year ahead. Special thanks to Danny and Matt for their work in getting the top arena back in shape after the summer break.  We grew so much grass we were thinking about buying our own cattle to eat it down. ! Good luck to all our riders and most of all have fun in 2017 ! Cheers, Tanya.















Ranch Riding

The purpose of the Ranch Riding horse is to reflect the versatility, attitude and movement of a working horse. The horse’s performance is to simulate a horse riding outside the confines of an arena and that of a working ranch horse. This class will show the horses ability to work at a forward, working speed while under control by the rider. Light contact will be rewarded and the horse will not be shown on a full drape of reins.
The overall manners and the horse’s quality of movement are the primary considerations.

Example Ranch Pleasure Pattern





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