If your membership is not up to date or you haven't paid day membership you will not be allowed on your horse!

Please pay via bank transfer and email your membership forms


Go and see our lovely show Secretary's to pay on the day!


Cutting Nominations must be paid prior to entering the show ring!



Welcome to all new and existing members...

I hope you all like the new and upgraded Chatter!

if anyone has some ideas on making the chatter better please let me know I'm open to all suggestions or if you have something you would like me put in next months chatter please send it through (not advertising).

President Report

As elected president for the 2017 season I would like to welcome everyone to our Club.

The previous committee and volunteers have done an outstanding job and all their hard work over the years has enabled us to offer this first class facility to our members.

My goal for the year, with the help of this committee, is to consolidate on what has already been accomplished and to further grow the membership.

One change this year is the running of the Western Performance events on alternative dates to the Cutting.  This should alleviate the parking congestion and camping issues and gives us all a bit more room to spread out whilst also encouraging all members to participate in both disciplines if they so wish.

Every member has a vested interest in the running of the Club, and should anyone have any thoughts or ideas for improvements, we are always approachable.   Unlike most clubs we own the grounds, this is a great advantage but also means we need to be aware of the ongoing maintenance issues.   So if you see something needs looking at be sure to tell us and also be aware that someone has to clean up.  So let’s all keep the grounds tidy.

Billie has kindly tidied up the web page and all members should make themselves aware of both the event rule book and general club rules.

Mostly let’s all enjoy the sport we love and be respectful and encouraging of each other.




I'm calling on everyone who has taken some photos at the club grounds.

Can you please email them to

we are in the process of updating our website and would like to fill it with photos from our Practice Days & Points Days for both disciplines!

***Important changes to Direct Debit payments and Club Email***

The Club believes in supporting those who support us and we have chosen to change our banking to Bendigo Bank.

When making direct debit payments please use our new Club Account


BSB: 633000 

A/C: 158766923


Don’t forget to use your name as a reference just to make our Treasurer’s life easier. Please then email advice of payment to   It is preferred that payment for nominations are paid when booking but there will be an Eftpos machine available on Club Days.   



Helpful Tips

These attached documents might be of interest and useful for a number of you, so please take a look and I hope you can all pick up a tip or two from them! 

Ranch Riding Article

Cow Horse Fundamentals - Rob Leach



"Housekeeping Hints"

Remember all nominations/fees must be paid prior your event.....IF YOU

Our lovely Show Secretaries will be able to help you sort this quickly. 

Don't forget we have the convenience of an eftpos machine to make it even simpler.

*  Horse Health Declaration/Biosecurity Forms - it is a legal requirement that
the Club keeps a record of horses at events, including turn back horses.
Could you please print out and hand a copy to the Show Secretary or

email a copy to our club email address

I know it's a pain, but if the Stock Inspectors come knocking and we
don't have records they can close our events down.  We ask if you can print
your own, as the cost to the Club for providing these forms for everyone would be massive.

New Queensland Biosecurity measures  are in force from 1st July and require all participants to complete the Horse Health Declaration Form that can be found on the MEMBERSHIP tab.   

Click here for more info   Horse fact sheet click here  Livestock Fact Sheet click here 

Below are some links to horse movement apps you can download for your phone or iPad/tablet



It would be really appreciated if you could ensure that your campsite/float
area is left clean with no rubbish, baling twine, bottles or cans left behind. 

It's a big job packing up at the end of an event for our volunteers.

*  We all know that this should be a given, but please no glass or bottles
in horse areas or in the working arenas.

We've got a great friendly little Club, and we have a few basic rules in
place in the hope that everyone can enjoy their time at the Club.  Please
visit the MEMBERSHIP tab and familiarise yourself with the Code of
Conduct and basic Club rules.  There have been some recent changes at the
AGM and it is good for everyone to stay informed.

*  Please feel happy to chat to any Committee Members on the days, if you
need help with anything, a question answered, or see that there might be a
better way to do something.  We're all open for suggestions on how to
improve everyone's experiences.

Feb 2017 AGM Minutes

 Feb 2017 General Meeting Minutes

2017 Committee

Below is a link to the Australia Quarter Horse Association Rule Book App. 



22 Josephville Road, Josephville QLD 4285

PIC # QISE0704 


Thanks for tuning in to this months Chatter!!