The start of 2017 has been eventful to say the least – hoping that all our members, didn’t suffer too many losses due to the weather event.  The Club grounds were not affected in anyway with the water only skirting the boundary of the property.  One thing we can say for sure is that it has certainly got the grass growing.  A huge Thank You must go to Jo Morecroft, a newcomer to the Club who volunteered to hop on the ride on and tidy up what she could handle over a couple of days.  Never fear though our trusty “local blokes” with the aid of the slasher, have got it all back to looking like parklands. 

We will be looking at holding a working bee on a date yet to be announced at the grounds, and would appreciate as much help as possible.  There will be yards to shift, trees to plant, some weed spraying, firewood to cut, and just a general sorting out of equipment needing to be done. Might see if we can make it a social camp over, that way we can all just take a picture of our horses to remember them as we relax around a campfire at the end of the day.  These days are also a good opportunity to network with our members while doing a bit of work, and have them bring fresh ideas on how we can improve the  facilities and how we run things and what we can offer our members. 

So, watch our Facebook Page for notification of this event.

Western Performance has been fortunate to have picked the weekends with fine weather so far, and have kicked off the year with good numbers and many new members. It has been delightful to see our “little Tackers” out competing in the classes and having a ball, and it has been a godsend to be able to hold most of the events in the undercover arena during this hot weather. Hazel Page-Bow hosted our first Clinic and gave some insightful tips to many of us with topics covering general horsemanship, Trail, Western Pleasure and Ranch Riding from beginners to the more advanced. Hazel is also available for individual lessons.  May will see Lisa-Jane Hall as the Clinician at the Club, so make sure you book in early as numbers will be limited. Details on Facebook.  We welcome on board Sarah Cattel and Naomi Andrew, who are giving Tanya Cornell a hand with the organisation of the Western Performance days. 

Make sure that you check out the pictures of past events on Facebook and ImagesbyTeressa.

After such a hot start to the year, and long days and nights spent in the pens...our Cattleman Mick has been given a bit of a reprieve, with March Cutting rained out.   Unfortunately, we couldn’t look at hosting a “catch up” event, as many of our cattle suppliers would have been busy out fixing fences and checking stock losses.  So,  we were all super keen to be back playing in The Pit at on the 29 & 30th April.  Many of us in the interim, have taken advantage of the delayed start and have been trying to slot in some lessons with our local trainers and it showed in how well many of the horses worked.   With only a skeleton crew of the Working Committee on hand over this weekend, we really would like to express our gratitude to everyone who pitched in and helped in whatever way they could be it the packing up, cleaning, canteen & turnback – Legends!  


May 13th there will be a Beginners Clinic sponsored by Me-Cow with tuition overseen by Kev Wilson bookings essential, go to our Facebook page for details.

 If any of members have any experience handling cattle, it would be appreciated if you wouldn’t mind giving Mick, Billie and Ginger a few short breaks out in the pens.  Just have a chat with them and they will make sure that you are put with someone experienced as it can be dangerous work.  Turnback horses and riders…we love them all and would appreciate if anyone has a turnback horse, please bring them along.  It’s hard work out there in the pen for them too.

For Beginner Cutters and those from our WP sector of the Club who are keen to try Cutting and possibly get into this sport, the club is hosting a Me-Cow Clinic on the 13th May hosted by Kev Wilson.  It will cover dry work, working the flag and some one on one time with cattle.  Numbers are limited so please book with Tanya thru Facebook.

Just a little bit of “housekeeping”.


We will have a few on hand if you forget to do so. The girls will be checking off receipt of these forms.   Apologies for this inconvenience but maintenance of these records is essential.  The Club runs a risk of having the gates shut, if visited by a Stock Inspector.  We are looking at developing a new format for our nominations for both Cutting & Western Performance and changing our booking system to online and including a section for this information on these forms – that way we can keep a digital record.


DOGS – OUR BEST MATES.  Please ensure that all dogs on the grounds, whether they be big or small, kept on a leash.  We hate to see any disputes between our furry mates, it often doesn’t end nicely.


Also as the year kicks off, and not forgetting that we have many new faces in the Club, for everyone’s safety please observe the signs posted around the grounds re assembly points, parking etc.  An important one we all forget to look at, probably because we’re usually talking to one of our mates, are the Loping Pen Rules.  We all want to look out for our mates, horses and ourselves so please read and follow these to help avoid accidents.  This is especially important as we’ve been holding the WP Points days in the undercover arena to make life more comfortable. If we need to work on WP patterns or stops, it may be best to do this in the top arena or on the larger grassed areas. A link will be included on this page to a light hearted look at these rules.

Included also is a link to an interesting article from this month’s AQHA magazine on bits.

Unfortunately, we also need to convey some sad news.  Nelson Raebel was a founding and long standing Committee Member for BC&WP Club.  He retired from the Club several years ago to look after his wife.  During the flooding, he went into flooded water to ensure that his beloved horses could make it to higher ground. Sadly, his life was lost through this act of kindness.  Nelson is survived by his wife Sylvia and daughters Samantha and Merena.

The Cutting fraternity has also lost a person who encouraged so many, and lit up the world with her smile.  Many of our members have wonderful memories of times spent with Sue Williams.  Her passing leaves a huge gap.

Our thoughts go out to the Families and friends of these two beautiful souls.

Some Lite Reading!

Bits Explained by Ken Miller

Lopping Pen Guidelines 

Thanks for tuning in to this months Chatter!!