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We now have an Online Nomination Form for out Cutting Days!! please find the link of the cutting Event page and follow the prompts for doing your nominations. this online form covers all the Bio Security Protocol that we require to obtain and keep!

General Chit Chat

The Club has been ticking along nicely.  The only downer being a couple of events having to be cancelled due to rain.  But hey, wasn’t it good to finally get back into the Cutting Pen the other week?

We’ve been attracting new members to both the Western Performance & Cutting groups, and it seems to be working nicely with us both utilizing the grounds on different days.  Pink/Blue Day will see everyone unite for our annual colourful fundraising event.

Planning is underway for Pink/Blue Day, and we would love our members to assist in whatever way they can to make this event fun and successful – whether you can help by suggesting ideas, organisation of events, donations or end of day pack up, we welcome all support.  This year you will have seen that we would also like to recognise Blue Day and we invite you to dress in the coloured outfit/fancy dress of your choice.  There will be a decorated bra/jock washing line with gold coin voting, and competitors will be asked to sponsor a favourite song to be played during their Cutting run. And we can’t forget the multi draw raffle, where everyone is a winner.  All proceeds from the weekend will go towards Cancer Research.

A second future event to keep dates open for will be the Jackpot Cutting Show in November.  We are looking at running this Saturday afternoon / Sunday morning in the cooler periods of the day so that the cattle will work better.  More news over the next month. Dates on the website.

Western Performance is currently experiencing a large amount of growth, and we must thank our dedicated WP Team on the Committee for this. Currently WP have been using the undercover of the Cutting Pen and have been doing a stellar job of keeping it well maintained and raked.  The Committee is committed to getting the top arena back up and in tip top shape within a short period, so that they can have a larger area for competition. They have hosted several successful clinics this year, with the next one scheduled for 9th September.  

No doubt many of you will have seen the cute pictures on Facebook of the young workers/riders in our Club carting gear and working around the traps, I need to also thank our junior treasurers who’ve been manning the till in the canteen on occasion. Thank you to everyone for being patient and encouraging and helping these wonderful Junior Members – they are our future.

The Presentation Evening / Xmas Party is booked in for November 25th.  Even though we were all in hot pursuit of Higgins Storm chasing to get to the grounds last year, everyone had such a fun time and enjoyed one last camp over for the year.  A new chef has been booked and negotiations are underway with BOM for a favourable weather forecast.  More details to follow.

Bookings for Cutting Events will be going On-Line with the draw being done independently.  Any cancellations will go to our Show Secretary by the usual cut-off date.  This tool will also

store all biosecurity forms which will help us comply with government requirements, and save a few trees.  It is suggested that if you don’t have the ability to book this way, ask a friend or a member of the committee to lodge your nominations.  Payment can be made by D/D or on the day by Eftpos or Cash. 

Around the traps …. very soon you will see some new shade structures.  There will be two going up over the cattle pens, one and a shade sail in front of the canteen, with another shade shed beside the top arena.  The grounds were sprayed for weeds on the 7/8/17, and all perimeters around arenas, structures and ramps hit with a glyphosate.  Even though it should be well and truly absorbed by the time of our next event, please refrain from allowing horses eating this long grass.  There are a couple of small favours we’d also like to ask – could everyone make sure that we pick up any baling twine from where they camp and feed horses.  Unfortunately, mowers don’t get on well with it. 

Also, anyone arriving early on Friday’s before a Cutting Event – please don’t ride in the Cutting Pen, this should be raked and levelled so that we can water it for use the next day. Putting sprinklers on and wetting areas with foot holes can cause the base surface to be undermined over time and that will mean an expensive repair bill. You are welcome to ride in the top arena, loping pen and grassed areas. If anyone has any spare time at the end of the cutting day, we’d love a volunteer or two to hop on the little tractor and help level these areas – we must look after or risk losing them.  Contact the arena director if you can assist.

Lastly, for those of us who are breeding our mares this year, there is an interesting article on Processionary Caterpillars on the below link.  Haven’t we all had a nasty experience when one of these has dropped down our shirt?

Processionary Caterpillars

Looking forward to seeing everyone enjoy “Their Club”.  Have fun, laugh, learn and be respectful of each other.

To all new and old members of the club can you all please have a read of the Cutting Lopping Pen Rules, you will find these on a sign as you walk into the cutting pen arena and there is a link below if you would like to pre read before our next day! All competitors have a right to be able to lope their horse in the lopping pen and when we have some competitors not following the rules it makes it hard for others to lope their horses. Below is a few pointers of the main ones that MUST be followed!

  • Loping Lanes - Stay to the inside circle if you want to go slow. This is the slow lane. Stay to the middle of the circle if you want to Trot. This is the medium Speed Lane. Stay to the outside circle if you want to go fast. This is the fast lane. 

  • Try not to bunch up and talk or stand still anywhere in the traffic. 

  • Never stop in traffic. If you must stop, please slow down and exit to an area devoid of traffic. This also applies to dry working your horse.

  • Tying Horses - Do not tie any horses in the lopping pen this is a NO TIE UP AREA!

We all come to the club days to have fun so please follow these rules and enjoy your day out!

Cutting Lopping Guidelines



If you would like to see any photos from both Cutting and Western Performance Days please go to Teressa's Website and check them out! You can purchase these by contacting her, details will be on website.

Thanks for tuning in to this months Chatter!!