The Beaudesert Cutting and Western Performance Club welcomes members of all ages.

You do not need to have western gear or even a western  / cutting trained horse. It is a great way to see if you enjoy the western style before you buy all the gear and it helps to build confidence before you enter the show scene.

All the clubs members are knowledgeable horse people and are willing to give valuable advice on riding and training. 



The Club meets at the Josephville grounds and there are two arena’s.

The cutting pen is undercover and the second sand arena for the Western Performance events.

During breaks there are canteen facilities that include tea, coffee, colds drinks and a BBQ.


We have power and water and clean showers for campers, $10 per vehicle per weekend. Bring your own horse fencing.

The Club Is Located On The Corner Of Josephville Road And The Mount Lindesay Highway

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The Club has 8 points days (weather permitting) and a number of training/clinic days throughout the year

with a break during the hot summer Christmas period.

The club holds frequent, affordable training days with respected riders and trainers.

These teaching sessions offer a wealth of information and advice no matter what stage you and your horse are at.


Cutting is an event that pits a horse against a cow in a battle of wills.

Cutting horses possess cow sense – the ability to out-think and out manoeuvre a cow.

Horse and rider move quietly into a herd of cattle, cut one animal from the herd, drive it into the centre of the arena

and hold it away from the herd. The rider must keep that one cow from returning to the rest of the herd.

The cutting horse must match moves with the cow, anticipating its every manoeuvre.

Judges score the horse on its ability to keep the cow from returning to the herd, for cow sense, attentiveness and courage.

Classes include: Beginner Youth, Advanced Youth, Beginner Cutter, Beginner Horse, Snaffle Bit, Novice and Open.


Western Performance is a very rewarding way to ride, and it makes a wonderful partnership with a horse and

all classes are all performed on a very loose rein. The trust, softness and collection involved in this

riding is such an achievement that it is almost enough reward in itself.

Western Performance should be challenging, but it should be, above all, enjoyable.

Events: Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt seat Equitation, Tiny Tots Lead line, Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog,

Western Horsemanship, Trail, Ranch Pleasure, Reining Classes include: Tiny Tots, Youth, Walk/Jog,

Beginner Rider, Beginner Horse, Improver and Open.