- Our dates for the remainder of the year are subject to change as we are trying not to clash with any of the outside cutting shows so our members that show at both our club and outside shows can keep doing both.

- Once we do get back up and running there will be a few changes that everyone will need to follow, these will be advised on both our website and facebook page prior to our weekends, plus there will be signs around the grounds on the weekend.

- We will have a sign-in area that everyone who comes onto the grounds will need to sign in and sign out so we can keep track of how many people are on the grounds at all times.

- We hope that everyone can understand the changes that the committee has to put into place with the COVID-19 Restrictions.

The committee look forward to seeing you all in the Sand Pit!


To place an order for a cap please email bcwpc1@gmail.com with how many you would like and your colour choice. Bank Transfer of money or Card facilities will be available at next club day or Awards Night. 

Caps @ $30 each

Pink & Navy Blue OR Navy Blue & Orange

Postage @ $10 Flat Rate

Collection of Caps from Billie-Rose Gordon can be arrange also. 

Location; 22 Josephville Road, Josephville QLD 4285

Cnr of Josephville Road & Mt Lindsey Highway